local_offer Eligible devices must be located in the United States.


Shipping Instructions

Ship your products safely to PowerON.

Safeguard your product(s) by following the appropriate packaging and shipping procedures.

Trade-in customers have three options available for shipping products with value to PowerON after receiving a quote.

1. PowerON Provides Return Shipping Label(s)

An ideal option when you have your own packaging materials or products have already been securely packaged in appropriate materials. PowerON will email you return shipping label(s).

2. PowerON Provides Packaging Materials and Return Shipping Label(s)

What if you need packaging materials? Don't worry! We'll send you the appropriate packaging materials for your product(s). PowerON will send shipping materials and a return shipping label(s). Send an email (reuse@poweron.com) to request packaging materials.

3. On-Site Packing and Pickup (White Glove Service)

Don't have the time or resources to package your product(s)? Our "white glove" service is your best option. It's ideal for large volume quotes. PowerON coordinates with our trusted freight partner for on-site packing and pickup. Fees may apply.

Important Reminder

When packaging the product, be sure to include all accessories (cables, adapters, mice, keyboards, remotes, mircrophones, etc.). Failure to include any items you told us about when the quote was calculated, or sending us a product which does not match your original description, may impact the final value of your product and may result in a recalculated quote.